6 Quiet Destinations to Travel in 2021

The third lockdown hopefully comes to the end, so now, it’s the perfect time to start sailing and discovering the best travel secrets in Greece. But since we still need to stay safe and careful on the places we sail, today we have gathered the most beautiful yet quiet destinations that you need to visit in 2021. A fantastic opportunity to meet unspoiled Greece, explore its hidden gems, the traditional lifestyle of islands, local cuisines, and create new friendships that will last for a lifetime.

1. Ikaria

This exotic world is located in the middle islands of the northern Aegean, blessed for its beautiful villages with their special local hospitality, traditional dance festives, that create the perfect destination for those who love an adventurous but also, a quite spirit for their holidays. Beautiful high mountains, rivers and imposing rocks that exist in its tropical blue beaches. Finally, the perfect waters of Therma, are beneficial if you search for a smooth relaxation on your body and in the end, leave with a tranquil mind.


2. Amorgos

A fantastic island of the Aegean, for those who seek a calm pathway in the mountains to recharge their thoughts and at the same time, they wish to meet a place full of beautiful crystal-clear seashores with ancient shipwrecks. Famous for the impressive shipwreck of Olympia, coming from Cyprus which was crashed by the pirates. Discover unique beaches that you can only unravel by the boat, take advantage of its marine tourism and explore the sea-bottom with scuba diving and snorkelling.


3. Karpathos

Dreaming of exploring deep unspoiled emerald waters? Begin a sailing trip in the most wonderful seashores and collect unforgettable moments of happiness with your family. There, you can not only experience a magic moment of serenity but also, you can broaden your mind and learn interesting facts about the history of their local traditions. Once you reach this place, visit the hidden gem of Apella, where you instantly feel safe and meantime, you enjoy a little heaven with crystallised waters surrounded by pine trees that leave you speechless.


4. Ithaca

The right place for a journey with a yacht, since it is located in one of the biggest natural harbours in the world and it is popular for the special powers of the natural beauty. The name of the island was dedicated to Odysseus who is known from “Iliad and Odyssey”. Explore the little mysteries of the place, feel a constant clean energy coming from the wild blue sea and the light breeze and capture a trip with many little natural surprises.


5. Pserimos

Lose more time and start your sailboat trip in this hidden small magic island, located in the Dodecanese area. From the moment you arrive with a sailboat, you come across of a beautiful paradise full of green trees, white tall rocks and colourful sparkling waters that excite for a cool dive. It is perfect for those who love to explore the Greek cuisine since it is famous for the traditional food and taverns.


6. Tilos

An imposing natural landscape painted with a rare flora and fauna. Ideal for hiking lovers who always dream of high mountains with special herbs, flowers and plants accompanied with rare little birds that along with their singings, they make you instantly fall in love with mother’s nature. Inside the village, there are many important Byzantine churches and monasteries that inspire those who are religious and search for some inner peace. The harbour is great for long fishing hours or for tourists who prefer to buy some souvenirs or take beautiful pictures that you keep in your heart forever.