By far the most popular category and the most widely available worldwide. When you bareboat, you sail the boat yourself and you are entirely responsible. It is a charter arrangement, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement.

The person in charge of the charter needs to have skippering experience on a yacht close to the size you intend to charter, as the charter companies will require you to provide your sailing résumé, before they confirm the charter as a bareboat.


As far as privacy is concerned, there is no better-renting option than bareboat. The only passengers on board will be the ones you choose, either family or friends. You are free to put together your own itinerary or choose from one of the lots suggestions we have.  In each case, be ready to set off for a challenging sailing experience with your loved ones, which will also help you practice and improve your sailing skills


You are fully responsible for the boat and your trip. This includes both navigating and anchoring the boat. You will start from finding the yacht, make the arrangement, check the condition of the yacht, make sure there are no damages,  make the provisions (Eversails will supply them if you wish), navigate and anchor the boat, and of course, be sure that the boat and crew are safe and happy at all times.


The difference between bareboat and skippered charter, is that you hire a professional skipper, who is responsible for the maneuvering of the yacht. There is no need for you to have a license then, as it is the skipper who will navigate the boat, and even teach you a trick or two about sailing along the way.

Keep in mind that there is an extra cost of renting a professional skipper (150euros/per day plus his or her feeding)


When you choose a skippered charter you are free to relax and enjoy every moment of your trip, without having to shoulder any responsibilities.  Your skipper will not only take care of the boat and keep you safe, but can also make suggestions about the ideal itinerary for you, and help you discover those hidden spots you would probably miss otherwise. Having a captain around guarantees stress-free vacations, and allows you to focus on relaxing and sharing precious moments with your company.


You usually do not know your skipper before you arrive, and there is a chance you do not match each other. But feel free to describe us a few attributes of the skipper you wish and our team will do its best to find the right one for you.


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Crewed charter means the yacht comes with a permanent crew of an at least two-person team. Crewed yachts tend to be larger, more luxurious than bareboats, and usually have more “toys”, like a windsurf or a kayak.

Just remember that the secret of an enjoyable crewed charter is essentially the crew and not only the boat. Of course, the boat has to be sufficient, but the crew will make or break your cruise.


On a crewed yacht, it is entirely up to you to be just a relaxed luxury vacationer, or to participate in the sailing, or to learn new skills from the skipper. Prior to your yacht vacation, your professional captain will suggest an itinerary tailored to your group’s preferences.

Your crew will take care of it all before, during and after you depart. Provisioning, cooking, and cleaning will not be required by you or anyone in your group. Your professional crew will attend to all of your needs and work as a team to back up them. They will make sure you will have information on the coolest things to do and taste in the places you visit and they will arrange it all for you!


Some people believe that the cost of a crewed charter is too much, but those who have already tried it can’t wait for the next time. There is also the case of not matching with the crew, but you can eliminate the possibilities, as you are able to contact them in advance.