6 Fun Physical Activities you can do during a sailboat trip

Sailing is an outdoor and safe activity where you ensure social distancing as well as maintain your physical health. This means that not only you keep the appropriate distance from other yachts but also, you enjoy the fresh and clean atmosphere of the sea. At the same time, you stay active while you can do other exciting and easy sports that keep everyone fit during the trip. So, here are 6 fun activities that you can do while you are on a sailboat trip and you can train your body on your own, with a small group of friends or the little members of your family.

1. Take a break and swim into bright turquoise waters

Once you reach your favourite destination, spare some time to have a cool dive into beautiful crystal-clear waters. It is a lovely alternative if you wonder which cardio exercise to do. It helps on increasing muscle strength as well as metabolism. Also, if your goal is to release some stress and tension from your body while you sail across exotic places, then this exercise is perfect to start any hour you wish.

Eversails - Physical Activities during trip

2. The right time for a unique snorkelling experience

Lose no more time and take advantage of the fact that you can find the best spots that exist underwater and keep some special memories that you can’t create every day in the real world. So, once you put on your snorkeling mask, you explore wonderful sea creatures, collect colorful stones and big white seashells. You totally must take your action camera because the adventure underwater is always accompanied by a sandy bottom blessed with various fishes and corals. At the end of this experience, not only you have captured the most beautiful pictures but also, the exercise has offered you a stronger body, greater endurance and made you feel higher energy and liveliness.

Eversails - Physical Activities during trip (2)

3. Prepare yourself for a Scuba Diving adventure

An awesome hobby and activity for those who want to explore the sea-bottom in a more advanced way. This means a usage of a good diving equipment but also, deeper investigation of underwater gems that are hard to find anywhere else. This activity has fantastic perks on people’s wellness because not only it is recreational and fascinating but also, it helps to smooth your heart rate, boost endurance, flexibility and agility. A super healthy habit that both the little and the experienced ones can learn and keep on practicing in every journey.

Eversails - Physical Activities during trip (3)

4. Try to Stand-Up-Paddleboard (SUP) on the waves

Instantly, you experience a unique sense of standing in the water. Ideal for sea lovers who wishes to find a stability of the body on the water. It is a low-impact activity and the arms, core and legs are fully working out. Sup enthusiasts tend to easily lose track of time because it always excites you to see things from a different view as well as keep on practising and practising. But of course, all begins from the mind. The balance of the body depends upon the thoughts you make. It requires excellent concentration and attentiveness especially when waves start to come your way.

Physical Activities on during trip (4)

5. Focus on the upper body and learn the kayaking way

Looking to learn something entertaining but also, reinforce your upper part of your body? Why don’t you start paddling in the kayak around beautiful waters of different seashores? It is easy for beginners and you can store it on a sailboat. You can either get an inflatable or a rigid plastic one, so you don’t need to worry about how much space it takes. From the moment you learn kayaking, the arms and the back are the main areas of the body that turn out to be healthier and firmer. And of course, from each little paddling excursion you feel motivated and open-minded to set sails again and gather incredible moments of joy and happiness.

6. Pick your favourite place in the sailboat and practise yoga

Stretching exercises are important to do in daily life because it improves metabolism and most importantly, the way we stand and balance our body. Ideally, you can also, do some basic stretching before and after of any sport or activity. On the other hand, what really inspires yoga those who are fan of yoga is the calm environment that can make you relax your body and mind. Specifically, it calms down the body’s tension and reduces stress. And in the end of each set, stick to a healthy lifestyle and reward your body with lots of water and some fresh fruits.