Sailing Catamaran

Lagoon 421 - Exterior (2) - Catamaran for charter Greece - Eversails

Catmaran bareboat chartering, a widely-known type of sailing, which seems to be increasing in demand over the past decade. Due to their spaciousness and great stability features, multihull sailing boats are now ranked as a perfect choice for big groups and large families with young children. Their layout caters for people who wish to enjoy some privacy in the space provided by one of the two hulls, as well as a panoramic view of the sea from the huge windows of the raised galleys.

Ideal for island-hopping in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea, a catamaran will allow you to cruise around in comfort and style, on board an efficient vessel. It is ideal for overnight anchorage in the shallow waters of the small picturesque bays of the Greek islands, due to its stable platform and easily-released big tenders it carries.

Sailing Monohull

Sun Odyssey 410, Emotion - Sail boat in Athens - Exterior (10).

Monohulls are the most popular charter vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, as they enhance the sailing experience, while an affordable option for most people. Their popularity partly resides in the fact that monohulls are short in beam, allowing their skippers to find berth in most Med ports, which are of limited capacity and rather crowded. They are sea-worthy boats, and reliable under the windy conditions of the Aegean Sea.

Even less experienced skippers will feel safe navigating monohulls, as they are relatively forgiving vessels. On the other hand, more experienced captains who seek the thrill of sailing regard monohulls as the ideal option due to their upwind sailing characteristics.