Saronic Gulf

The sheltered glam

Yacht Chartering is very popular in the Saronic Gulf. This complex of islands, Spetses, Hydra, Aigina, Poros, Salamina, and the peninsula of Methana,  is a wonderful destination all year round for your luxury yacht charter due to its sheltered location and delightful natural beauty.

Apart from the location also the rich ancient history of places like Epidavros, Sounion, Poros, Aegina, and Methana attracts tourists and sailors alike to these waters.  Enjoy the glamorous setting, unique architecture, and romantic atmosphere that you will find in the mix of cosmopolitan towns and sleepy fishing villages along the stunning northeast coast of the Peloponnese.

You can choose every day between busy destinations or quieter and laid back bays. If you wish to enjoy the relative silence of an uninhabited island or the dusk to dawn partying depending on your mood. You will be able to sail between the mainland and islands in just a few hours, with the mainland sheltering you from the feisty Meltemi winds.

Take a look at the recommended itineraries you could reach in your weekly charter.

Recommened itineraries to discover the Saronic Gulf

Saronic Gulf

1 week Itinerary

– Kalamaki (Alimos Marina)
– Vathi Methana 31 n.m. Vathi
– Hydra 36 n.m. Hydra
– Dokos 5 n.m. Dokos
– Spetses 10 n.m. Spetses
– Poros 30 n.m. Poros
– Aegina (Perdika) 18 n.m. Aegina (Perdika)
– Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 25 n.m.

Saronic Gulf

2 weeks Itinerary

– Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) – Poros 29 n.m.
– Poros – Hydra 11 n.m.
– Hydra – Dokos 5 n.m.
– Dokos – Spetses 10 n.m.
– Spetses – Nafplio (Peloponnese) 23 n.m.
– Nafplio – Astros (Peloponnese) 9 n.m.
– Astros – Gerakas 41 n.m.
– Gerakas – Monembasia 8 n.m.
– Monembasia – Leonidio 40 n.m.
– Leonidio – Porto Heli 16 n.m.
– Porto Heli – Ermioni 10 n.m.
– Ermioni – Epidavros 40 n.m.
– Epidavros – Aegina (main town) 15 n.m.
– Aegina – Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 17 n.m.