Ionian Islands

Exotic, calm nature

Ionian islands are located on the west coast of Greece and are composed of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos, and Kythira. These islands are known for their beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and flourishing with greenery and nature.

Each Ionian island has a distinct character and they offer everything you could wish for from a Greek Island holiday. With short travel distances, you can choose every day from heading for the hustle and bustle of a busy town to chilling out in peace and quiet off an uninhabited island.

They are getting very popular in summer and they are famous for their exotic beaches and green landscape, and the Venetian architecture. The major islands of the Ionian lived for centuries under Venetian rule and it shows in their castles and churches.

Accessible with only a few hours travel from most of western and northern Europe, it is a jewel that can easily be reached. Charter a catamaran with Eversails and sail to the Ionian deep blue waters measured at 4406 meters at one point.

Recommened itineraries to discover in Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

1 week Itinerary

– Lefkas Marina – Vathi (Meganisi) 11n.m.
– Vathi (Meganisi) – Vathi (Ithaki) 22 n.m.
– Vathi (Ithaki) – Fiskardo (Kefalonia) 14 n.m.
– Fiskardo (Kefalonia) – Vassiliki (Lefkas) 10 n.m.
– Vassiliki (Lefkas) – Nidri (Lefkas) 14 n.m.
– Nidri (Lefkas) – Lefkas Marina 9 n.m.

Ionian Islands

2 weeks Itinerary

– Lefkas Marina – Meganisi (Port Spilia) 8 n.m.
– Meganisi (Port Spilia) – Syvota 16 n.m.
– Syvota – Fiskardo (Kefalonia) 12 n.m.
– Fiskardo (Kefalonia) – Kioni (Ithaki) 12 n.m.
– Kioni (Ithaki) – Kalamos 22 n.m.
– Kalamos – Syvota 17 n.m.
– Syvota – Aghia Efthimia (Kefalonia) 23 n.m.
– Aghia Efthimia (Kefalonia) – Zakinthos main port 14 n.m.
– Zakinthos main port – Poros (Kefalonia) 26 n.m.
– Poros (Kefalonia) – Vathi (Ithaki) 20 n.m.
– Vathi (Ithaki) – Atherinos (Meganisi) 12 n.m.
– Atherinos (Meganisi) – Lefkas Marina 11 n.m.