Skipper Desire 120s, Blue Yonder

Skipper 120s, Blue Yonder

Speed Boat | Crewed | Length: 12,4m | Year: 2017

Luxurious. Dynamic. Pioneering. This is the award-winning Desire 120. Highly customized, ingeniously designed and especially built to offer a unique ride in the Aegean. Powerful and relaxed. Fast and safe. Aggressive and smooth. Blue Yonder’s vessel is a rib boat in a class of its own.

A voyage beyond expectations

Journeying around the stunning Aegean on an award-winning deluxe and powerful rib boat; discovering untouched bays and hopping between cosmopolitan harbors; enjoying the Greek Summer with unparalleled service and absolute safety. This is the Blue Yonderunique charter experience. A private –even fully tailored– cruise escape for the most eclectic voyagers

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