Yacht chartering in Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands

Cosmopolitan yet so diverse

The Cyclades complex of islands located in the Aegean Sea comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Crystal clear waters,  sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue are just some of the trademarks of these islands.

Therein lies some of the best sailing grounds in the world. There is a great variety of cultures you could meet. In just a few hours’ you could explore the Greek islands and learn many facets of our history.

Mykonos, Santorini, and Ios are the cosmopolitan heart of the islands, while Naxos, Paros, and Milos offer a more laid-back atmosphere, but they are much-visited.

After these six there are over 220 smaller and/or lesser-known islands to visit, and even they are in close distance one to the other, they can differ completely in culture and history. So,  you will feel like you have entered a new country at the end of every trip.

Thousands of years of civilization evolved here in the Cyclades, much of it visible in local archaeological sites and museums. Virtually every single island has at least one ancient ruin. Immerse yourself in the stories of Greek Mytholody,  and the ancient Greek empires.

After a week on the waters around the Cyclades Islands, you will fall in love with the different cultures that have emerged from thousands of years of different influences, and the lovely seas you will reach with your own vessel.

Recommened itineraries to discover the Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Islands

1 week Itinerary

– Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) – Cape Sounio 23 n.m
– Cape Sounio – Kea 14 n.m
– Kea – Finikas (Syros) 32 n.m.
– Finikas(Syros) – Paros (Parikia) 23 n.m.
– Paros (Parikia) – Kamares (Sifnos) 30 n.m.
– Kamares (Sifnos) – Merichas (Kithnos) 31 n.m.
– Merichas (Kithnos) – Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 58 n.m.

Cyclades Islands

2 weeks Itinerary

– Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) – Cape Sounion 28 n.m.
– Cape Sounion – Kea 18 n.m.
– Kea- Kithnos (Loutra) 20 n.m.
– Kithnos (Loutra) – Syros 30 n.m.
– Syros – Mykonos 10 n.m.
– Mykonos – Delos – Paros 25 n.m.
– Paros – Ios 25 n.m.
– Ios – Thira (Santorini) 20 n.m.
– Thira (Santorini) – Folegandros 30 n.m.
– Folegandros – Sifnos 20 n.m.
– Sifnos – Serifos 20 n.m.
– Serifos – Merichas (Kithnos ) 15n.m.
– Merichas (Kithnos ) – Poros 45 n.m.
– Poros – Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 28 n.m.

Available Yachts for weekly chartering in Cyclades

Choose your yacht and explore this unique destination

Fos, San Lorenzo 72’


Motor yachts | Fully crewed | Length: 21,8m | Year: 2006

Character & Dynamism, Sportiness & Elegance. Designed for optimum cruising safety & comfort, onboard there are just the wind and your free spirit.

Lagoon 421 – Enjoy

Lagoon 421, Enjoy - Catamaran - Eversails

Catamaran | Bareboat | Length: 12,61 m | Year: 2015

Our Lagoon 421, a catamaran available for bareboat and skippered charters throughout Greece. With 4+1 cabins and 4 wc it is perfect for groups of 10 guests.

Lagoon 380 – Bellevue

Lagoon 380, Bellevue - Catamaran for rent Greece - Eversails

Catamaran | Bareboat | Length: 11,51 m | Year: 2015

Our Lagoon 380, a catamaran available for bareboat and skippered charters throughout Greece. With 4+2 cabins and 2 wc it is perfect for groups of 10 guests.

Sun Odyssey 449, Asante

Jeanneau sailboat - bareboat or skippered chartering in Greece | Eversails yacht charter in Greece

Sailboat| Bareboat, Skippered | Length: 13,76m | Year: 2017

Our Jeanneau 449, a sailboatavailable for bareboat and skippered charters throughout Greece. With 4 cabins it is perfect for groups of 10 guests.