How much does it cost to rent a Sailing Yacht in Greece?

There are several benefits to taking a sailing vacation in Greece. A few of them are the distinctive geography, countless stunning islands, and genuine people and cultures. The cost of renting a yacht to travel to the Greek islands is pretty reasonable.

The Most Romantic Things to Do on Your Sailing Vacation

As newlyweds or couples celebrating an anniversary, choosing to sail to your ideal locations on a yacht charter is one of the most thrilling, if not the most gratifying, things you can do. Here are some pointers to get you started on the road to a romantic Mediterranean sailing vacation.

The 5 best places to sail around the world

Sailing vacations might be just what you've been searching for if you've been dreaming of an action-packed getaway that lets you visit some of the world's most remote and stunning locales. Although it remains highly daring, ocean sailing isn't quite as scary. Nothing compares to the feeling of being on the bow of a ship, the wind in your hair, and the sound of the waves slamming against the hull.

Tips for staying hydrated while you’re out on the water

Being well-hydrated is crucial when sailing. Your body's water needs on board a ship will be higher than when you're at rest or on dry ground, regardless of whether you're coastal or recreational sailing, sailing on the broad seas or long distances, or even participating in sailing competitions or sporting regattas.

Beginner’s Guide to Living on a Sailing Yacht

Although it's simple to romanticise the concept of living permanently aboard a boat, such an alternative lifestyle necessitates planning, organization, and the capacity to adapt to change. When you decide to move abroad, develop a list of the things you'll need and discuss any deal-breakers with your partner. Before you change your lifestyle, get the boat ready for living on board.

5 Ways to make your yacht rental perfect for family escapes

Join your loved ones on an exciting voyage of discovery of new locations, horizons, tastes, and of each other when you go on a family boat charter. You'll be astounded to see your kids beam with delight at the variety of superb athletic events available.Here, in this article, we have gathered a few tips to help you end up with a decision.

How to choose the right Sailing Yacht to charter: A guide

Deciding on the finest kind of sailing yacht to rent can be difficult, and articles with solid opinions and dubious information will only confuse you further. Selecting the ideal luxury yacht rental for your needs might be challenging because there are hundreds of them available for lease. Here, in this article, we have gathered a few tips to help you end up with a decision.

Top 10 Beaches to visit in the Cyclades

Summer holidays are inextricably linked with the Greek islands. Our country has countless destinations, idyllic places offered for the most magical summer vacations, and impressive beaches with deep blue waters and golden sands. Only a few hours away from Athens with a sailboat, the Cyclades is the best destination to have an unforgettable time. Prepare your travel list and take notes to live your myth in Greece!

Best 5+1 Sailing Blogs

Many live out their dreams of sailing nonstop, which some may even fantasize about. Sailing is a way of life unlike any other, and seasoned sailors typically can't wait to sail whenever they have some free time. Setting sail is quite different; it is not a pastime but a way of life filled with experiences and memories. Here we have gathered 6 sailing blog posts that will motivate and enthuse you about sailing. even if circumnavigating is not your thing.


Clear waters and picturesque bays characterise the Saronic Gulf region and the eastern coast of the Peloponnese. The natural beauty of the landscape is due to these picturesque bays, which are surrounded by green mountains or hills, with lushness reaching the sea. There are beautiful spots to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and relaxing, on the boat and in the beautiful natural environment of the Saronic.