Health and Well-being benefits of Sailing

The unpreceded times of the pandemic has recently affected travelers to step back from their adventures. Staying home is the safest solution right now but throughout time, it can be detrimental to our health. However, traveling with a sailboat is a great way to maintain our health and well-being since we keep the social distancing needed as well as connect with the marine environment and gain many wellness perks.

Sailors, who live many years into the sea, often say that a “journey with a boat has the power to heal and restore the soul”. It is medically true that sailing can improve chronic health issues as well as boost people’s mental health. This occurs because connecting with the natural habitat instantly induces feelings of calmness, serenity, and happiness.

Exposure to the diverse blue sea along with the bright sun of Greece can inspire a joyful state that prepares for ultimate relaxation of the body and the mind. So, explore no further, and let’s see together in more detail the advantages of sailing on our health and how it can enhance our wellness.

The properties of the aquatic world can change our state of mind

Psychologists suggest that a sailing adventure can be a form of therapy. Gaining a new experience and interacting with nature can produce positive change on the behaviour. This occurs through the mental process of mindfulness. Exposure to a colourful landscape blessed with mountains, trees, fresh air, and the light blue sea assorted with the feeling of adrenaline of traveling on a sailboat can instantly induce positive thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, an excursion in the powerful sea-world can fade stress away while the natural elements immediately heal all troubles that don’t let your mind freely wander. Moreover, the magic sounds of the sea can stimulate your brain’s reactions and grow emotions of empathy, peace, joy and happiness. The energy from the fresh air combined with the Vitamin D of the beneficial sunlight motivate you to practice yoga exercises and enjoy a meaningful day with calm and positive thoughts.

Work-out on the sparkling emerald waters and boost your metabolism

The azure waters of the sea can immediately inspire to try new activities and hobbies that can generate productive moments throughout the trip. There are several fun exercises that fascinates everyone and are a must-do while you sail across the seashore. If you want to “dive into happiness”, simply start your day by swimming. You instantly, feel more energetic and active, with increased endurance and flexibility. Continue your trip by wearing your snorkelling masks and then, really start diving into the exciting sea-world. A place full of magic stones, rare seashells, and colourful fishes and corals that makes you capture plenty of pictures with your action camera. The resistance of the water is the best training exercise because at the same time, you have built a body with stronger muscles.

Sailing improves our physical health

One of the best experiences of a yacht chartering, is learning and practising how to trim, duck, and hoist the sails. This process is quite challenging since it requires physical endurance and increased stamina. However, once you learn how to do it correctly, the procedure becomes more fun and simultaneously, you gain the great benefits on your health. With your first-time sailing, you will notice that your back and shoulders are constantly engaging and become stronger. Specifically, it has been found that this type of sport can grow agility, improve cardiovascular health, enhance the metabolism and help on the right flow of the blood on the body. 

Life on the waves increases self-confidence

After all, either you are the captain guiding the trip or you are part of the team, coming closer to the natural fauna and flora always bring out the best version of yourself. You learn things you never thought, investigate new places, meet wild sea creatures, experience a unique sense of freedom and at the end of your sailing experience, you believe more on yourself and what you can do. You become more confident, you start setting new goals and you do everything it takes to fulfil your dreams. Your mentality has finally changed, and you have captured special moments that you’ll hold for the rest of your life.