Coronavirus and sailing: Stay Safe and Keep Dreaming Away

Most of us during the pandemic feel stressed and tired due to the changes the virus has caused in our daily life. All of us find it difficult to adapt to this new type of lifestyle, especially when we need to stay home most of the time. As this situation has already changed the way we live, the way we travel and sail around the world, in today’s blog, we will share the reasons why the current circumstances should not take us back from dreaming away a beautiful sailing trip. So, look no further and let’s see the way sailing during the Covid-19 season is still the best option to keep the mind and body healthy.


Sailing keeps us safe and healthy

Whether you are seeking calm moments on your own or with your favourite ones, yacht charter can offer you quality time away from the crowds and the stress of the pandemic. Bareboating will make you feel safe and protected exactly as you feel at home. Not only you can enjoy your total privacy but also, you can have lots of space and comfort while you enjoy deserted beaches that can not be reached by land.

It is also, a fantastic place to empower relationships with family or friends and spend meaningful time without thinking about the craziness of the virus. You can still have the chance to practice your cooking skills, work on a project, or even exercise with your kids, but with the big difference that meanwhile, you are in the middle of the Aegean Sea and you enjoy the little gems of nature.

Eversails - covid-19

Stay calm and discover the sea

A calm excursion lets you enjoy the benefits of the beautiful light blue sea in your mood. The water can release all negative feelings since it instantly produces a feeling of serenity. So, the next time you sail across the soft waves, the fantastic atmosphere immediately inspires you to practice mindfulness exercises to find the connection between your body and soul.

Sailing across the sea is the best way to escape from the negativity of the virus, create positive energy, and most importantly, maintain a balanced and healthy life. So, never stop dreaming away your next sailing adventure since a trip with a sailboat has the power to change the way you experience and perceive the world.